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Lazio si among the most important regions for the abundance of historical, artistic, archaeological and architectural heritage. Rome is only a part of what can be appreciated in the villages, churches, monasteries, monument and archaeological sites in the regional territory.

The UNESCO recognised six sites as belonging to the World Heritage, which preserve evidence of Etruscan and Renaissance civilisation, ancient traditions and natural environments.

It includes the centre of Rome and the Vatican, the core of universal Christianity, Villa Adriana in Tivoli the impressive suburban villa which belonged to the Emperor Hadrian. The nearby Villa D’Este, a princely Renaissance residence, is famous for its artistic wonders and water games. The evolution of Etruscan civilisation is represented by the necropolises Banditaccia in Cerveteri and Monterozzi in Tarquinia. The machine of Santa Rosa in Viterbo is carried throughout the streets by 100 men. The old beech forest in the Cimini mountains, the largest in central Italy with its 57 hectares. The transhumance,  the seasonal migration of herds and shepherds along the sheep tracks, entered the list of intangible cultural heritage in 2019. The Circeo National Park, one of the most fascinating sites in the Lazio region, has been recognised as a Biosphere Reserve  (MAB) in 1977.

Lazio also boasts ancient villages on the hills overlooking the seas or lakes, with their alleys and squares and popular festivals of artistic heritage. The visitors will be able to appreciate their traditions and history, and to enjoy the pleasure of a trip and the flavours of food and wine, discovering the deep soul of Lazio.

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