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Italian golf courses
18, 27 and 36 holes

Golf & the Bari environs


Are you in Barialto to practice your preferred sport? Join us for a tour around Bari and its fascinating hinterland!

Bari, the capital of Puglia, is a surprising treasure trove of beauties. Discover the magnificent Saint Nicholas Basilica, the sacred place where both the Roman and Orthodox Catholics worship their Saint, and where the two confessions live together since time immemorial. Stop by the San Sabino Cathedral, with its enchanting crypt and underground vaults. The nearby Swabian Castle is a stately Frederick II fortress hosting several displays and temporary shows. Get lost around the Old Bari borough, a town inside the big city, where ageless grandmas hand-roll typical orecchiette on their doorstep, and the genuine scents of local cuisine weave through the alleyways borne by a refreshing sea breeze.

Nature lovers can immerse themselves into the wilderness of the Alta Murgia National Park: countless country trails, both on foot and by bike, will leave the accidental traveler speechless. This is also a birdwatcher’s paradise, where hawks and other birds of prey abound. While here, take a day trip to Pulo di Altamura, a huge karst sinkhole, or to the Lamalunga Grotto, where the remains of a 250,000 years old man were found.

Last but not least, take an amazing journey down the  Castellana Caves, an astounding karst system of underground wonders, with stately stalactites and stalagmites stretching inside the earth for kilometers.

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