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Italian golf courses
18, 27 and 36 holes

Golf & Food and Wine


Sardinia is a destination  with centuries-old traditions, which are also expressed in flavors and aromas: you will enjoy excellent Mediterranean cuisine with a wide variety and quality of dishes ranging from sea food to delicacies derived from the agropastoral culture of the island, ideal place for those who love to grant himself  in an experience that satisfies all the senses, including taste.

Learn more about Sardinian traditional food:

Slow food and slow life

Sardinian cuisine, identity and flavour

A well known Region for its excellent wines, from cannonau to vermentino, passing through cagnulari, carignano, malvasia, monica, muscat, torbato and other  grape nectars produced by Sardinian vineyards: Cannonau and live to be a hundred


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