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Italian golf courses 18, 27 and 36 holes

Golf and Cities of Art


Genoa, with the Rolli Palazzos, the maze of the historic area, the exhibitions in Palazzo Ducale and the National Galleries, is a capital of art. Genoa, a city rich in culture, is also known for its beautiful museums, scattered around in the city, offering an artistic heritage of remarkable beauty. But all the region is an itinerary among big and small museum, not to be missed.

Curiosities, old trades that have modernized, craft items that have become art in the course of time, masterpieces and works of art. Don’t miss Cinque Terre, which are Unesco World Heritage; but every place has a treasure for you to discover. In a land affording limited spaces, the villages are fortified and clinging to the sea and the hills. Fishermen villages, colourful small harbours, history, tradition: here is the most authentic taste of Liguria.

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