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Italian golf courses 18, 27 and 36 holes


Italia National Tourist Board

The true quality of Italian tourism lies in the authenticity of the destinations. This makes it possible for Italy to be able to attract not only international tourists on their first trip to the great hubs of the most well-known cities of art, but also to offer the markets who are already familiar with the Peninsula those inland destinations of the small centres which enclose the true cultural heritage and the authentic spirit of Italy.

Foreigners increasingly choose Italy; especially visitors from markets like the USA, China and Russia, which will continue to be a focus also in 2020-21. All promising trends for the following years. Research into a type of accommodation different from that which can be conceptually categorised into obsolete variables, such as hotels versus other facilities, leads the list among the macrotrends in the choices of foreign travellers to Italy.

Instead, the selection is more oriented towards models which imply an enhancement in the relationships during the trip, in close connection between accommodations and travel companions in touristic consumption and activities carried out during the stay, which favour collective leisure activities suitable to all ages. The approach to holidays is changing.

Today, it is neither the destinations nor is it the motivations to guide the tourist in his choices, but the much deeper dynamics of self-realisation which draw from global and collective consciousness, no longer individualistic but holistic.

In the new understanding of a holiday, consequently, specific goals such as learning a certain activity, but in a manner shared with travel companions, or carrying out a sports activity with the travelling team, prevail. Golf is in fact, the driving force of tourism in Italy both for the marketing by tour operator and for arrivals by golf tourists in Europe who continue to increase each year. Italy’s position which is in the top ten for golf destinations is very promising.

The country boasts 385 national Golf Clubs and 104 Golf Clubs defined by the FIG (Italian Golf Federation) as tourist destinations. Even though it may appear to be a selective sport and for a chosen few, it involves thousands of tourists and contributes to distributing flows into structures even during the low season as such broadening stays in Italy, further supported by the favourable climate.

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