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A visit to the Lazio region must include the tasting of local food and wine, a chance to discover unique traditional flavours.

The regional gastronomic tradition is mainly based on poor recipes, such as the famous grilled lamb or the unforgettable “Bucatini all’ Amatriciana” with Pecorino cheese.
Beef tripe, tail, kidney and spleen are also employed in the preparation of simple typical dishes such as the “Trippa alla Romana”, the “Coda alla Vaccinara”, the “Rigatoni alla Pajata” and fried brains, offal and artichokes.

Most specialties and certified products are to be found in certain areas of the region.
The area of Castelli Romani is well known for its vineyards, where the rich volcanic soil and sun exposure allow the production of prestigious wines like the red wine Colli Albani DOC from Albano Laziale or the famous white DOCG from Frascati, to be purchased in the traditional fraschette. Other typical products are the bread from Genzano (the first IGP certified Italian product), the porchetta from Ariccia (spit-roasted pork), the coppiette (spiced dried meat) and the cheeses Caciotta and Ricotta Romana DOP.

The reclaimed land along the Pontine coast, today the main agricultural area in the Lazio region, offers delicious products such as the Pecorino cheese, tomatoes, spinach, artichokes and IGP kiwi. In the National Park of Circeo and the Agro Pontino (the Road of the Buffalo) buffaloes are bred for the production of the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP.

The Aniene Valley along the via Salaria in the Sabina area is rich of centuries-old olive trees and a renowned aromatic PDO oil is produced, whose low acidity is obtained through early harvest and immediate pressing.

This area is also famous for the production of cherries and for the cheeses Ricotta Romana PDO and Caciotta. Typical products from the upper Sabina are the lentils from Rascino, the potatoes from Leonessa and the beans from Borbona.
In Ciociaria the excellent wine Cesanese del Piglio DOCG can be tasted, which is produced on the hills around Frosinone, the slopes of the Monti Ernici and mainly in the upper valley of the river Sacco.

The whole area boasts cheeses of excellence, included the buffalo Caciotta from Amaseno and the Pecorino del Pastore.
Among the special products of the Tuscia area, noteworthy are the chestnuts and hazelnuts from the Cimini Mountains, the extra-virgin olive oil from Canino, the potatoes from San Lorenzo Nuovo, the lentils from Onano, the beans from Sutri, mushrooms, lake fish and local meats.
The Lazio region boasts an ancient important winemaking tradition, several prestigious wine labels and a great variety of historical vines, such as the most spread white Malvasia.

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